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SKIN: My Inner Hero

The galaxy is a vast place, made up of many particles, chemicals and matter. These are the binding blocks of our DNA and I believe these particles are our core essence.

Some grow up accepting what life throws at them, others mature with big dreams hoping that their unique DNA has made them special and given them extraordinary powers so they too can be a hero. Whilst out DNA makes up our building blocks and we can’t change our exterior appearance, as it is only skin deep however we can shield ourselves from the naysayers. On the inside we can store knowledge, interpret and continue to learn and evolve in our being, whilst being shielded by our skin.

As a learning creative, I have learnt to dig deeper into my inner self to be able to come up with solutions to challenges as well as pushing the boundaries of photography and delving into more obscure realms (UltraViolet and Astro Photography) chasing my ongoing dream of capturing something different. It is this constant chase to improve that drives my creative soul and allows me to release my inner hero.

Artwork was displayed at the Skin Exhbition in June 2015.

Skin Poster