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West to East on My Street:
September 2013

BRIEF: This foundation Principles project stipulated images could only be taken in the street you live in.

You had to take a series of 24 photographs and treat to B&W to make a photo documentary about your street.

3 photos of each of the following areas: Minimalism, Framing, Contrast and Rule of Thirds and then 12 photos to make up your theme using the foundation skills that you have learned.

I wanted to capture that our street is used by Rat Runners, Gaba Tepe Street is located between two major arterial roads (Ipswich and Beaudesert), I aheived this by time lapse photography using a fish eye lens

The theme for my project will be West to East, starting at Sunset (on Ipswich Road), moving to night and then with dawn in the East (on Beaudesert Rd).

I get to combine architectural photography with Organic elements in my street, as well as technology with moving lights and circular lenses. My Street gets lot of natural light and I want to capture the beauty, simplicity and elegance that this area has.

Tail lights long exposure