Type Specimen

The brief was to create a contemporary custom font based on typestyle from yesteryear to be purposed as a Sub Heading (14-36pt). I found my inspirational material from the cover of a 1960’s vinyl record. With one word ‘Encore’ to inspire me, I created the building blocks of a new typeface with roots in the music industry of the 1960’s.

The custom typeface was loosely designed from the sample and was remoulded to be contemporary, The chosen name was ‘Vibrato’. Resonating from how a LP and gramophone needle interact to transmit sound and how the vocal cords vibrate within a voice artist to create the sound in a song.

To promote the ‘Vibrato’ typeface, a collection of type specimens were created for promotion. These five specimens were based on the famed ‘27 Club’ - vocal artists that departed this world at the age of twenty seven.