Miss Emm

BRIEF: A ficticious Design College Australia brief to develop a visual identity system for the Miss Emm brand that will take it into this bold new venture. I was asked to develop the name as a wordmark (logotype); however the client was open to the use of a supporting icon if you think of one.

The name is important and has equity with existing customers. I based my concept around the woman is as delicate as a petal of a flower.

The logotype was to be unique and trademarkable on its own. The identity will manifest around the website presence, quarterly catalogue and packaging system.

BACKGROUND: Miss Emm’s started as an artisan soap maker in a domestic kitchen. Initial local sales through markets and pop up stores lead to a reliable cache of regular customers. However, this also imposed a limit to growth by the geographic reach of the market catchments in Brisbane.

The decision was made to re-position the brand online to broaden the customer base to a national, and possibly international, scale.

I created the entire identity and branding along with the packaging and responsive website.

The ficticious online web presence was also made for this project VIEW HERE.

An iPad Application was also made to be a lookbook for the project VIEW HERE.