Artist Book:

Bestätigung (Affirmation)

This project is based on the lyrics of a song that resonated with myself as the artist. I proceeded to build a narrative to illustrate the lyrics in the form of a codex.

With the freedom to choose any song that has deep meaning to me as a designer and photographer, my Artist Book is titled ‘Bestätigung’ - Deutsch for ‘Affirmation’ and holds deep reverberation with my German heritage and personal reflection on life.

‘Affirmation’ is the lead track from the album of the same name by the former Brisbane band ‘Savage Garden’. Using techniques of photography, photomontage, experimental typography, digital illustration, symbolism, iconography and letterpress, I have created a piece of work in a limited edition run of three.

The front cover is laser etched and contains my family crest and an illustrative black letter typeface to show the link to my German heritage. The external cover of the piece’s timber treatment and chrome accents link to my ongoing nautical lifestyle.

Internally the book contains a piece of artwork in response to each lyric of the song and support pickup imagery.