Celebrating Anna & Greg’s relationship

I had the pleasure of being asked to spend the afternoon with Anna and Greg to celebrate their love for each other. The couple was fun loving and easy going which made the shoot go along quite easily.

Toma_Lowe 150801_I308648 - RGB Social Media (LRES) Toma_Lowe 150801_I308654 - RGB Social Media (LRES)

Anna is a local divemaster and this was the second time she had in the focal point of my lens. Anna previously helped me on a college subject to play Dr. Black in Cluedo at Design College Australia.

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I drew great inspiration as they showed great affection for each other and the cheekiness that they have in their relationship. Utilising a local Brisbane location, in the late afternoon, Anna and Greg were able to celebrate their relationship in the dappled afternoon sun.

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Using skills that I learnt whilst at Design College Australia, I provided the lovely couple with 2 pages of benchmarks of my ideas for their late winter shoot and they were so excited with what unrolled for them.

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If you would like to have an on location or studio portrait session to celebrate the love with your partner or family, please don’t hesitate to contact Ian on 0427 764 364 or visit www.iandleishman.com.au