30Days30Goals Creative Challenge

One of my fellow students Amy Crow has started a creative challenge called 30 Days, 30 Goals and every day of the period of 30 days you have to create something. I think it is awesome that Amy has started this side project to get the creative juices flowing between the students of DCA and their broader network.

After looking at the things that I would like to improve in creatively with photography, I tossed up between time-lapse photography and macro photography. I may do a combination of both over the 30 days:Seaway_Macro 151001_I504727

Day 1, I have the first Macro image that I took today of gashed human flesh with a bit of bokeh and DOF. This is my left knee that I cut this morning ona barnacle infested rock on the ocean floor. I was on an underwater photo shoot at the Gold Coast, and after the drive back, I got out of the car and was fascinated by the contrasting colours of the red stream of blood and its texture, so I thought, hey, I can capture this for the challenge. So for day 1, I give you human flesh.


Macro_Day2 151002_I504750 Day 2, looking for something more traditional with the Macro Lens and so I submitted this image of spiky aloe vera plant that is growing in the garden in the front of my home under the post box.




Seaway_Macro 151001_I504542


Day 3, Was an image of a sheoak tree in focus with the harbour in the background blurred out with depth fo field.




Edit---Scooter_Bommie_Hoskyns-151003_I406141Day 4, saw me take the 105mm macro lens underwater whilst working on the great barrier reef at Hoskyns Island. This image is of a clownfish or anemome fish.






Day 5, saw me capture this macro image of a sea cuccumber layong on the ocean floor. Known to be a chinese deliacy, they are covered in redish coloured armour to keep them from being eaten by predators.






Day 6, These grass spears looks so interesting today and silhouetted against the sun, gave an interesting element to something that can be considered so common.








Day 7, These little pink flowers that are weeds under my washing line proved to the quiet popular on Instagram, they  were taken with a very shallow depth of field (f3.5) to blur the grassy background out behind.







Day 8, Was the golden sprayed goose feathers that were part of a pair of theatrical wings, I think the photo failed to life to its potential.








Day 9, Back to something of beauty, my favourite rose just continues to flower, as such another opening bud on Double Delight in my front year, this time at f29 to capture the water droplets fully in focus.




Macro_Challenge 151010_I505319 - RDay 10, Working with a marble and waiting for the sun to come out proved to be challenging, however when it did, I was able to capture it in full focus but using a focal doubler, so at f7.1 and Macro 210mm, I got a result that I am happy with.




Macro_Challenge 151010_I505384 - L


Day 11, Motivated by the ‘M Challenge’ on Oz Shutter Bugs group on Facebook, I took a photo of the green mint in our houses herb garden. At f4.8 the background blurred out nicely to keep only the mint sprig in focus as per my plan.


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